Where I came from

"Where I came from" is a documentary project that documents Asian immigrants’ daily life in the US. The film mainly discusses about the motivation of immigration and how the movement have shaped individual’s attitude toward to his or her nationality identity. There are three subjects in this project, and expect to include more in the future. 

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Tatsu Aoki

Tatsu Aoki is a teacher, a filmmaker, a musician, as well as a performer. He is originally from Japan and has resided in the US for forty years. As an Asian immigrant who has built the life and community here.....

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Jasmine and I-Lin are the second subject in this documentary project. They are a couple who sell bubble tea in Chinatown in Chicago, and they are from Taiwan. Jasmine and I-Lin consider themselves definitely as ...



Cheng is my third subject for my documentary project "Where I came from". He is a Chinese who escaped from China to swim to HongKong during the Cultural Revolution, and then immigrated to the United State as a refugee. He is a owner of a Chinese restaurant in Chicago now. For people like him who has experienced ......