Almost Home

Almost Home is a documentary about a family’s 90 years old traditional architecture residence that was about to be demolished. The owner of the house, as well as the protagonist in this film, Sunny Lai, is a 65-year-old man who has been working in China for over 30 years. While spending most of his time in China, Sunny and his wife have devoted themselves to protecting and reestablishing their home in Taiwan. The relationship between China and Taiwan has always been ambiguous. As a Taiwanese businessman who works in China and maintains close relationship with China, Sunny admires the fast economical growth and much more profitable opportunities in China. For him only staying in China would he ever achieve his business goal. The struggle of being away or staying has constantly impacted him, and the conflict is even more fierce on his next generation. His home is in Taiwan, and the house he has lived in since he was born is his root. The consciousness of Taiwanese nationalism is shaking and disappearing in this capitalistic world, so as the house.