Equivalent Inequality 

This work consist of two video channel, and the videos are projected from two opposite sides onto three layers of curtain that people can walk through. The voice over of two sides of video speaks two different situations: one side are the moments when my interviewees talked about the moments they have been discriminated; and another side are the experience they have been being discriminate to others.

In this work, no one keeps staying suppressed or oppressed position. The people who was oppressed are sometimes tend to suppress to others too, and I believe this is also the basis of barrier between people. What I am trying to do is not to solve this problem, but to awake this consciousness. And it’s not just about the races, it could also be genders, ages, classes, or any kind of differences that make people to judge.For me the moment of presumption or prejudice is inevitable, butthe more important thing would be recognize it instead of denying it at first place.